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My first ever game - originally released in 2007 as part of the TIGSource B-Game Competiton.

Wow, I've learned a lot since then! This is kind of embarrassing...

(Almost) original description:

8 unlockable Non-Player Characters or 'NPCs' – discover the world as it's seen by a trans beauty, an angry punk, a drugged-up biochemist, an Elvis impersonator, a cat, and even Death himself.

  • 32 unlockable conversation options.
  • A grand total of 8x32=256 dialogue events - some as long as 291 characters in length!
  • 17 unique actions to perform – many of which result in random death!
  • 5 different items to examine and give away.
  • Original score* by Ludwig van Beethoven.
  • Small file size (~2.5Mb zipped) ensures sufficient space remains on your hard drive for family photos and love letters.
  • A few options to make completely exploring the game a little more forgiving for the WIMPS among you.
  • Interact with the environment using the 'z' key, just like a Japanese shoot-em-up.
  • Unparalleled lyneWrap™ technology allows text to span several lines.
  • Unprecedented player choice, none of which affects the outcome of the game.
  • 1 easily accessible ending.

Can you answer the greatest questions facing humanity?

The answer is: no.

*Score not actually original.


PoizonedMind.zip 2 MB

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